Prestige plywood was founded by Late T A Abdul Rahiman who lived with a dream to build a top quality plywood manufacturing factory.  He dedicated his life time to master the techniques of testing the quality of timbers and manufacturing plywood using the best practices.


Thukalil Abdulla

The milestone set by Late T A Abdul Rahiman was carried forward by his son, T. Abdulla. During the early ages, T Abdulla was an enterprising youngster who very seriously took the task of establishing Prestige Plywood as a leading brand name in the industry. He followed the best practices of his father and successfully propelled the wheels of Prestige plywood Pvt LTD to success. Even after coming from a family with rich experience in plywood industry, T. Abdulla sensed the need of implementing scientific approach in the business to stand tall in the market. Therefore, after the completion of his B A degree, he joined Plywood research institute Bangalore to learn the latest plywood manufacturing techniques and world class standards. Thereon, Prestige plywood never had to look back in its journey to success.

M Laila Beegum

Laila Beegum, wife of T. Abdulla has also played a vital role in guiding Prestige plywood Pvt LTD to success. She stood bold with her husband in all tough situations and served the company as a prominent business advisor throughout her life.

Afzal Thukalil Abdulla

Lila Beegum, son of T. Abdulla and M. Lila Beegum is the backbone of Prestige plywood Pvt LTD. After his Diploma in Aeronautical engineering, he joined with his father and contributed his part in the business. His unwavering dedication towards the business, immense knowledge about the industry earned from his parents, grew him up as a passionate entrepreneur. Currently, he takes care of the production unit in Coimbatore and sales wing in Chennai.